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Fundamentals of Waterborne Coatings

Contact: Dorothy Brawner

February 13, 2014
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm ET 

Instructor(s): Vijay Mannari, Eastern Michigan University

Course Description

Waterborne coatings is by far the largest class of coatings used globally. The growing popularity and acceptance is mainly due to their compliance to environmental regulations, versatility of their raw material offerings, and suitability for wide range of applications. This VLC will review fundamental and practical aspects of waterborne coating technology and applications. Starting with the key differences between solvent-borne and waterborne systems, this course will cover fundamentals of different types of waterborne coatings, their compositions, and applications. Formulation principles of a typical latex-based coatings will also be discussed.      

Learning Objectives

  • To understand some basic concepts, definitions, and terminologies related to water-borne coatings.
  • To understand the differences in composition, film-formation and processing between waterborne and solvent-borne (and high-solid) coatings.
  • To learn about the different types of waterborne systems, their benefits, challenges and solutions.
  • To learn basic principles of formulation and processing of latex -based coatings, need for special types of additives and their applications. 

Target Audience

This course will be useful to anyone who would like to understand basics of waterborne coatings. It will be particularly useful to chemists, R&D personnel, coating formulators, quality control specialist looking for transition from solvent based to waterborne coatings.  Sales /marketing and technical service personnel will improve their understanding of water-based coating systems.


Vijay Mannari is a Distinguished Professor of Polymers and Coatings Technology at Eastern Michigan University. Prior to joining EMU in 2001 he worked for ICI Paints as an R&D Manager and was involved in the development of waterborne resins and coatings. His current research interests are applications of bio-based materials in coatings, sol-gel coatings, and waterborne polymer dispersions for advanced coatings. Dr. Mannari is an accomplished researcher and was selected for Michigan Green Chemistry and Engineering Governor’s award for 2012. He has published number of research papers, technical presentations and is serving on the board of Detroit Society of Coating Technology.

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